JAN 10, 2024

happy new years guys!!!! i didnt forget about this place i have just not been feeling very well lately and i have resolved to fix that for the new year :]

im trying to eat more healthily and also drink more water first of all. im also gonna try to actually take care of my body in other ways too like actually sleeping for normal amounts of time and also brushing my teeth more often. (btw shout out to dentman on twitter hes so helpful with this) i might also cut down on my screentime if i can??? the phone addiction is pretty bad rn but i do have things i can do more in real life. im also going to clean my room i still need to do that i have been putting it off for literally over a year now

i also got into welcome to night vale recently. kevin is definitely my favorite character hes so silly..... as of writing this i am on episode 95 :]

aneeways i hope everyone has been having a lovely start to this year and i hope to get back on the webmaster grind soon! love yall, dont forget to stay weird!! ♡

NOV 15, 2023

i dont have much to say 2day because i am. incredibly tired. but still

did you guys know im obsessed with my dearest gifypet smiler32. i love him hes amazing. also i completely lost yesterdays changelog and i forgot what i did so um. its not gonna be in the previous updates thing but i dont think anyone cares about that except for me (and i barely care either) so im not gonna freak out about it. i might also add a chatbox if i dont pass out first it is very late where i am lol

NOV 14, 2023

it seems i have made the greivous mistake of letting one of my irl friends find out how to get to this website lol um. if youre reading this man if you share this website with other people at the school i will replace all your water with undiluted vinegar. heart emoji

in other news it turns out that putting the music player on my homepage renders the whole thing as a 'media player' to blocksi so the page gets blocked until i take the code for the player back out.. which is convenient because of the aformentioned irl friend (yk who you are) trying to mess with me lmao literally every other page is unblocked thankfully i can still edit as i please for the most part

nov 13, 2023

LMAOOOOO HI EVERYONE I JUST FOUND OUT THAT MY SCHOOL DOESNT HAVE NEOCITIES BLOCKED SO I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO WORK ON THIS IN CLASS INSTEAD OF PROCRASTINATING AND WAITING FOR A TIME AFTER SCHOOL WHEN IM NOT TOO TIRED TO CODE :PPPP ive been doing pretty well since i last updated i found a lot of cool new music and bought a lot of cool new clothes and made a lot of cool new art!!! ive also finally updated my socmed links and you will see that i no longer have tiktok (i deleted it finally) and i changed my tumblr url! i think trianglekisser is a little more fitting than 'kitty--sunshine' lol..... well that is all i have to say 4 now remember 2 always have fun and stay weird :]